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Телефоны: +7 (846) 990-62-06 мобил.: +7 927 011 75 94
Адрес: г. Самара, Галактионовская 150, офис 220 (ост. "Самарская площадь"), E-mail:
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Нотариальные переводы в Самаре со всех языков

Официальный перевод документов. Технический перевод. Юридический перевод. Медицинский перевод. Нотариальное заверение. Апостиль. Устный перевод.

CAT-tools: Our Vision

What does Timilon Translations demand from CAT-tool and why did we choose SmartCAT among the variety of different platforms?

The first key factor is that it should be a cross-platform and cloud-based tool. So as to join the project a potential translator is not obliged to install software, is not bound to a specific OS (most CAT-tools are designed for Windows), is able to work anywhere — the only requirement is the Internet access.

The second issue is a stable generation of the output files. Working with most other platforms, you can come accross system errors that make it impossible to successfuly generate the output MS Word document, for instance. It means that it should be generated manually, which is an unacceptable thing for any medium and large-scale projects.

These things are the only ones which make Smart CAT different from DejaVu, Trados, etc., as functionality provided is mostly the same. For example, there is no CAT-system able to eliminate the necessity in pre-formatting and page-making in case we handle scanned documents or «improper» PDFs.